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Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 LTD Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe Edition

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 LTD Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe Edition

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The S-Works Tarmac SL8 is the fastest race bike in the world thanks to a combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, and ride quality previously thought impossible. That’s why when the top Formula One team in the world set their sights on cycling domination, they called the sport’s innovation and technology leader—Specialized.

The S-Works Tarmac SL8 LTD: Red-Bull - BORA - hansgrohe Edition is your opportunity to ride an exact replica of the bike the new team will race at the 2024 Tour de France. The unstoppable ‘One Bike to Rule Them All’ performance of Tarmac SL8 meets Roval’s Rapide CLX II Team wheels and Rapide Cockpit, new SRAM RED AXS group, and S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror right down to the ultra-fast race day Turbo Cotton tires. Only 500 individually numbered bikes will ever be made, and they’ll go faster than Primoz chasing Tour glory. Don’t wait!

  • AERO IN EVERYTHING: We’re putting aero where it matters - the leading edge - not just where it looks good. In the process, we’ve created our most aerodynamic road bike ever. Yes, it’s more aero than the Venge. Clean air is optimized for maximum advantage with the Tarmac’s new nose cone—the Speed Sniffer. By moving the steer tube back - the tube that determines head tube width - the leading edge of the head tube can be much sharper, delivering a much lower drag shape. Utilizing new UCI rules, the Tarmac SL8 has the narrowest, most aero seat post we’ve ever made, ensuring fast-moving, dirty air around the legs can flow back more cleanly. Doesn’t victory smell sweet?
  • MINIMUM WEIGHT, MAXIMUM AERO: Tarmac SL8 took learnings from Aethos to be easily built at the UCI minimum with a full aero setup. The team delivered a mind-bending, scale-tickling 685-gram frame—15% lighter than the Tarmac SL7 and lighter than anything else on the World Tour*. With the ability to make lightweight a top priority in the down tube, seat tube, and rear of the bike, lessons from Aethos were applied. The frame’s shape carries load so efficiently that extra carbon stiffness layers become redundant. *Unless, of course, you count the time Kasper Asgreen raced our 585-gram Aethos frame during a Tour stage.
  • GOES LIKE HELL, RIDES LIKE HEAVEN: With massive gains in stiffness-to-weight - an improvement of 33% over the SL7 - the Tarmac SL8 takes legendary handling, aggressive responsiveness, and World Championship-proven geometry to the next level. The bike is stiffer at the pedals, more precise at the bars, and combines it with a compliant ride in the saddle that sets a new benchmark for race bike comfort. Thanks to our Rider-First Engineering, every rider, regardless of size, gets the same unprecedented ride quality and handling. In the saddle, the Tarmac SL8 delivers 6% more compliance, floating over rough roads with a supple feel unique in the high-strung world of race bikes. Tarmac’s proven geometry and 32mm tire clearance are identical to the SL7, ensuring easy adaptation and the versatility to run higher volume tires when needed.
  • S-Works Tarmac SL8 LTD: Red-Bull - BORA - hansgrohe Edition is spec’d with only the best components. A full SRAM RED AXS groupset - the lightest electronic group in the world - with a power meter and a Roval Rapide CLX II Team tubeless-ready wheelset is the perfect complement to the world’s fastest frame. A Roval Rapide cockpit to save weight and for the fastest possible leading edge.


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